Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Only Thing that Separates Us From the Animals....

Caroline in a self designed tooth fairy costume, poor Cooper doesn't know what to think. our ability to accessorize!  I really don't think that I have comprehended this legendary quote until I have taken up residence with a true diva, Princess Caroline.  Fortunately, her foray into fashion has given me inspiration to write, and that is something that I haven't had in quite some time.  Call it writer's block, call it blog funk, call it lazy, but I just haven't felt like taking the time to indulge myself in this particular hobby.  But just this week, I was called to the carpet by a 5 year old.  She stated plainly that I haven't blogged about her lately, (how would she know this?) and I haven't mentioned to cyberspace about her fashion.(her word not mine)  Clearly, I cannot fill an entire space entirely dedicated to her and her many accessories.  But I can tell you three traits of her multi-faceted personality that defines her as a true diva-in-training.

Note the zebra print backpack and sunglasses..and we are driving a tractor!
1.  Never, ever leave the house without a handbag.  One may find themselves thinking that this is a very practical habit, you have everything that you need in case of a speeding ticket, car accident, emergency milkshake run to McDonald's.  But need I remind you the subject in question is 5.  There is no driver's license or credit cards.  There is however, multiple hair clips, plastic bracelets, and enough Bonne Belle lipsmackers to grease the lips of every frostbitten resident of the state of Alaska.  Throw in a small stuffed animal (why?) and a kid tough camera and you have the idea.  Might I also add that a bonified meltdown will ensue if we manage to get a mile down the road and we realize that we have left the bag.  I am talking wailing and gnashing of teeth.  It is borderline ridiculous. So to combat these periodic leaps off the fragile emotional state cliff, she has taken to leaving a "spare" handbag in my car, filled to the brim with "spare" accessories. You never know when you might need to call a friend from that plastic cell phone.

2.  Wrists and/or ankles must be adorned  I must admit that I can relate to this one on the surface.  I truly feel a bit bare without a watch and wedding rings when I leave the house, but this is a whole other level.  Miss Priss must always have something, whether it be the multiple plastic bracelets (see #1)  or a silicone wrist watch or simply an elastic ponytail holder.  You will not catch her without something.  Sometimes we just loop the ponytail holder around the ankle. This helps when we have to do activities such as gymnastics where the bracelets aren't practical or go to Kindergarten where they are just banned. Such absurdities are simply a natural part of life for her, it separates her from the masses.

3. Must have high maintenance demands  Maybe I should have labeled this one needy personality quirks.  Call it what you want to, but in order to be a true in training diva, you must have a couple of "need these to get through my day" demands tucked away in your back pocket. A good example is that Caroline must always be accompanied by a stuffed animal, two blankets, and a pillow pet dolphin when she is lounging around the house or traveling or sleeping.  Flippy the Dolphin and BB and Soft B (the blankets) are a staple, but the stuffed animal or animals are interchangeable.  This week it may be a Care Bear, next week it may be a stuffed horse. Who knows?  There is no rhyme or reason, and that is what keeps her entourage (that is us...the rest of the family) on our proverbial toes.  Bedtime and we don't have Jessie's hat, oh how can we ever sleep?  Going to church and we don't have Shiny GaGa, (which by the way is a very specific Care Bear, thank you very much)  we can't possibly learn about Jesus without her!!  See how this works? 

In summation, our little fashion queen is truly very sweet and smart, and her little quirks make her love her all the more.  But remember, to be truly fancy as she is, you must think, eat, and breathe fancy twenty-four hours a day.  Not a task for the faint of heart to be sure.


  1. I miss Caroline! I didn't know you had a blog, I am so excited! We have to plan a weekend to get together!

  2. My goodness, this just made me laugh out loud! Those descriptions of Caroline are beyond fabulous! Hope the family is doing well, hug the diva and Cooper for me!!

  3. Amelia Andress StaceyNovember 3, 2010 at 4:51 PM

    Oh my, Mandy! You ARE such a talented writer! You have described Caroline so well! Watch out, boys! I know two divas-in-the-making...Caroline and Elizabeth Ellen!

  4. LOL-spot on sister! Caroline is an original for sure! You forgot to mention the rings, the scarves, those "special" keds, the knee high socks, and the fact that the witch costume lights up. And also the reality that us adults deep down look for her approval since she really is quite gifted at putting together a fabulous outfit!!