Friday, August 27, 2010

Baby, We Were Born to Run!!

And run, and run.  Not talking about me, mind you.  Not at all.  If you by chance see me running, please look for the wild animal that is chasing me, or look ahead and find.....Cooper.  Because that is who this story is about, Cooper.  My two year old energy-packed bundle of defiance.  In another words, a little boy.  Cooper has not been getting a lot of mentioning in this blog, but that is not because he hasn't done anything to warrant mentioning.  He more than likely does something every day.  But sometimes just thinking of all the hi jinks makes me tired.  Anyone who has had a boy will know exactly where I am coming from, a place of exhaustion combined with laughter and a little exasperation.  A place where Cooper resides, a place of contradiction. 
1.  Cooper is as Fleet as a deer, and mischievous to boot  What can I say?  Every mother in the world with a two year old child can tell this story.  Cooper can run through Walmart quicker than a thief.  If you ever make the mistake and give in to the pleading to get out of the cart and simply "walk" (I am sure better moms than me never do that!), that's it.  It's is like he has been let out of the chute at the Kentucky Derby.  You immediately run after and the embarrassment of the moment doesn't set in until you have actually caught him and brought him all the way back to the cart (which by this time is halfway across the store).  Then, you threaten him with everything you can conjure up in your red faced mind, trying to disappear into the concrete floor. Of course, he thinks it is hilarious.  And you know what IS hilarious, these moments are very unpredictable.  You never know when he is going to actually take off running.  Just yesterday, he had been playing so nicely in the salon with Woody and Caroline while I was getting my hair cut, and then, in a split second, he bolts out the front door and down the sidewalk of downtown Monroeville. When we caught him, he just didn't understand what the problem was.  Like Forrest Gump, he just felt like running!  All of these instances are punctuated with a mischievous smile that only accompanies times when he does something so wrong and it feels so good! (Like when he gives Sissy's stuffed animals a "bath" in our toilet...good times!) The random acts of wildness exasperate me so until.....

2.  Cooper Baffles with his Extensive Vocabulary  It's true.  I know that every Momma worth her salt can pick out the absolute best about her little chickens, but one of Cooper's is his ability to communicate.  Seriously.  The quintessential politician, he remembers every one's name that he meets and can usually drum up an interesting fact about that person during the conversation.  There are no strangers in Cooper World.  He remembers song lyrics, (get him to bolt out, "Hello, I Love You" by The Doors), movie lines, and anything that is said in our house.  Which can get you in some sticky situations sometimes. (the Momma and Daddy quotes usually come out when we are in public, refer to #1 for mischievous!)  There are no words too complicated and he seems to enjoy it when people comment on this fact, which also leads to the fact that he loves being the center of attention.  He likes all eyes on Cooper, and whatever he has to do to achieve that, is done.  Whether it be acting like a wild man, running, talking, or even dancing.  (He dances like Elvis Presley...just ask him)  He soaks up admiration like a sponge, and usually that attention warrants more antics, which leave me tired until.....

3. Cooper Grabs your Heart with Unabashed Affection  Huge hugs.  Loves to snuggle and be held. Cooper has loved to be close to me ever since he came into the world.  After he gets in trouble or if he is sleepy or if he is watching a movie, he wants to sit in my lap and be held. See #2 about his name memory, and that, combined with his uninhibited affection, gives him the ability to make any person at any time feel special.  He honestly loves and cares for all of God's creatures, and he is always doing what he can to bring smiles and happiness. Also, he loves to bury his face in my neck and when he is tired, twirl my hair with his pudgy fingers.  In fact, that is how he goes to sleep.  He lays in bed right beside me and runs his fingers through my hair until he drifts into a peaceful slumber. (There is nothing peaceful about my hair when he is done,though, I come downstairs looking like I stuck my finger in a light socket)  He will periodically throughout the day..every day...come to me and say, "Momma, I love you sooooo much."  And my heart soars.  He will put his arms around my neck so tightly and I, for a moment, do not want to let him go.  This week, we were in the grocery store, and I put popsicles in the buggy.  He announced loudly and repeatedly,  "Thank you, Momma" and repeated his "so much" mantra.  And gave me a huge bear hug.  Over a box of rainbow popsicles.  So at the end of the day, when he is being such a two year old, that is what you need.  That is what keeps you going.  When Cooper loves, I am no longer tired or frustrated, angry or exasperated.  I simply feel joy.

There it is.  A tiny glimpse into the roller coaster of emotions that I roll around with every day. Sometimes, even when he is misbehaving, it is funny. When he scolds Sissy and tattle-tales (which I strongly dislike), and then he says, "Mommy, Sissy is aggravating me."  Or when Woody leans down for a night night kiss and Cooper decks him with a right cross to show Daddy how tough he is, I hide my snicker.   And sometimes when he is being lovable, I want to cry.  Because one day he will not want to hug on Momma as much. In that same vein, I am just fine with that.  I want him to grow and prosper and stand on his own, without my help.  I just need to make sure he has a solid foundation on which to stand.

And then roll my eyes, because when you are late for church or school, and you need Cooper to hurry......

He walks.


  1. Mandy, this made me laugh and cry. So well written! Cooper is just precious. Miss you guys! Kristin

  2. Once again...a masterpiece from Mandy. Loved it - and can totally relate! ~ Katie & Cody ~

  3. Mandy, I can so totally relate. The Cooper tales remind me so much of Graham, and then a little of Bright. He is such a precious boy. Maybe it will give you a little to hope to know that Graham at 4 still loves hugs and sugar and sitting in my lap.