Saturday, July 17, 2010

Will I Remember?

This is it. This is the official picture that Cooper is going to lament over years from now. I can here it now, "why mom, why did you let Caroline dress me up in a red lace housecoat and a green glitter leprechaun hat?" "And why did you feel it necessary to take my picture? Do you enjoy my humiliation?" I will smile knowingly remembering this night and how much we all laughed when Cooper came parading down our stairs proud as punch over his "new" outfit and Caroline behind him grinning evilly like the Cheshire Cat!!

At least I hope that I will. I hope that I remember how we scrambled for the camera and had a fun photo shoot just making silly faces and taking turns wearing that hat. (Did I mention it is glitter filled? Scalps full of green glitter for days!!) Caroline received that hat on St. Patrick's Day this year at school when the leprechaun invaded and trashed their school rooms. That was fun stuff! Love our creative teachers at Monroe Academy preschool!!

But that got me thinking, will I remember these moments? Sometimes life goes so fast and we don't stop to make sure these memories are implanted for the long term. Therefore, I wrote a little poem about it. I write poetry periodically. Mostly as gifts or as funnies or if I have time to feel inspired. So I am including this one today:

Will I Remember?

Now’s the time when the children are small,
Caroline, 5 and Cooper, almost 2.
I trudge through the hours and give my all.
Falling exhausted in bed, when each day is through.

The time passes quickly, seemingly trying to survive.
Errands and chores are the order of the day.
Then a fear grips my soul and into my memory I dive.
Will I remember the precious gems my babies do or say?

Will I remember the way my son,
Presses his soft cheek into mine?
And rubs my hair when the day is done,
Signaling the arrival of sleepy time.

Will I remember my daughter’s charm?
Her personality and sassy remarks.
Her need for all things fancy, with bracelets on her arm.
A “Dancing Queen” with lip gloss that sparks.

Will I remember Cooper’s sweet loving grin?
And that baseball was truly his first love?
The force of his home runs, he always wins,
And Daddy catching him with his glove?

Will I remember the imagination of Caroline?
Her stories so big and tall?
The take charge way she keeps everyone in line,
Her stuffed animals she loves, no matter how small.

My friends, time is fleeting, and I need not forget.
They won’t be little very long.
For into their adulthood I see, if my Savior will let,
Will I remember how they loved me so strong?

Those sweet little words, those hilarious phrases
When their language is honest, fresh, and such.
I hope I remember this sentence all of my days,
“Momma, I love you so much”.


  1. Mandy, even though your days are busy and time will pass so quickly - you will never forget these days - they will always be with you!